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Unified in Christ

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
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September 2014
Family of Faith

Devastated by a divorce he didn’t see coming, Bryan Lee overcame that dark time in his life when he got born again, later partnered with KCM and built a successful business. But when the busyness of life distracted them from the Lord, Bryan and his new wife, Cindy, found themselves facing a mountain of problems—including more than $1 million in debt. They found relief when they turned back to God.

Real Help

Find solid, biblical answers for the challenges you face! Access foundational Christian teaching material from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and other trusted ministers. From faith-building articles and Bible verses to topical prayers, study tools and more, you'll find what you need for living a successful Christian life and maximizing your spiritual growth. Soon you'll be shouting, "Jesus Is Lord!"

Featured Product

How to Put Your Faith to Work

Kenneth Copeland

How's Your Faith Working? God's will is for every believer to live by faith every day…no matter what the circumstances may be....